Redskins fan Adam Bitely was seated behind an ESPN cameraman during last night’s game at FedEx. This was apparently an RGIII-dedicated camera, and the operator had notes on what to look out for. Bitely had the good sense to grab a photo of the notes, and passed them along (via @recordsANDradio). Here’s the photo, transcription below.


1 – Skins offense on the field – RG3 injury watch – NEVER LEAVE HIM – Follow to the bench after the series.

2 –  Stay with him if there is an issue – injury, fatigue, frustration.

3 –  When RG3 throws a TD pass, be ready on my cue to you – pick up his parents or…[handwritten note about Dr. James Andrews]

4 – Eagles on Offense – sit on Jim Haslett, it is an automatic cut and will be used in a split screen with Chip Kelly.

5 – Pregame: Iso of RG3 parents for runout, 1st time on field, TD run or pass after the play. After a big hit.

Remember, if RGIII gets hit hard, cut to mom. Hopefully she’ll be crying. Television gold!