(Via Reader Josh)
(Via Josh Novikoff)

Reader Josh Novikoff — a friend of a friend — sent along this note early Tuesday morning, after he got home from the Skins-Eagles game.

The Eagles were winning in the second quarter and driving. I heard a weird noise, like scratching at cement a few seats away. I turned to see this guy frantically rubbing something against the ground, and said to my friend ‘Something’s going to happen here.’ It did. Vick ran in for a touchdown and this guy sat up wielding a finely honed knife. He somehow has snapped an empty aluminum Bud Light bottle in half and sharpened an edge of it against the cement into a knife and was quietly inspecting his work.

What was really getting under his skin was a drunk female Eagles fan in front of him. She was with a large party of Eagles and Redskins fans, was very drunk, and was very obnoxiously and provocatively whooping it up. The guy was quiet, but eventually stood up and started jawing with her, weapon concealed, and she was really egging him on, saying she could care less, etc. She suggested he grab her [breast] as an olive branch to make him feel better — ‘Cup it, really get your fingers up under there,’ — while acting it out on herself. Yes she really did this. He said something about his wife, I guess, and she’s like ‘I don’t care about your marriage.’

The guy was really angry and in her face. It was a bit scary. They both stood their ground. I think what he would have really liked was for a guy in her party or otherwise to intervene so it could escalate into a guy-guy physical confrontation, but her guy friend a few seats away didn’t really get in there.

I got the attention of a few security guards in the aisle who saw there was about to be a fight. They got in there quickly and told the guy he was about to be kicked out and asked him if he wanted to be. He sort of bounded out of the row and down the aisle on his own volition, followed by a friend, and didn’t come back. The girl left around halftime, also not to return (probably passed out in the bathroom or over the exit ramp). She was really a disgusting mess.

There were several bottles under the guys seat, two twisted bottom halves and one twisted top half which was the knife part. I think he left one and bounced with the better-crafted one. I took some pictures with the one left behind.