Betting on sports is a fun way to transform something you might only care a little bit about into something you might care a lot about.

For me, this can work even if the stakes are just a bag of buffalo-wing flavored pretzel chunks. Probably I would care more, though, if the stakes involved eating my own facial hair.

“I had to eat some of my own beard cuz the redskins lost yesterday,” Redskins fan and L.A.-based comedian Jason Pickar tweeted on Tuesday.

“Yup. Eating my own beard,” he later tweeted, when he had video proof.

“Oh God,” he says in the video. “It is really not very pleasant to eat one’s own beard.”

Turns out it’s hard to swallow beard, too. Although, to be fair, it was only part of his beard. A fairly small part. It’s not like he drank his own…well, you know…like this Texans fan did.

Anyhow, I’ll stick with buffalo-wing flavored pretzel chunks.

Update: More information from Pickar.

“I had a bet with my boss,” he writes. “He’s an Eagle’s fan. If the Eagles lost, he would have had to eat some of his beard. It tasted like a combination of pert plus conditioner and ‘oh [no] it’s caught in my throat.’ Alright that’s the last time I’m eating my beard. Hopefully. Though my boss’s boss is a Green Bay fan…we could bet.”

(Via @recordsANDradio)