Tom Wilson shows off his teeth. (Photo by Ben Sumner)

Tom Wilson got into two fights during Monday’s rookie rodeo game against the Philadelphia Flyers, chipping a tooth in the process. While dental misadventures are fairly common for hockey players, the 19-year-old winger had good reason to tell fans about it.


“I already got them fixed,” he said on Tuesday, just a day after it happened (see photos on Russian Machine Never Breaks). The Capitals hosted an Open House at Verizon Center, where Wilson,  Karl Alzner and Eric Fehr signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.

The weirdest thing Wilson signed? “I almost signed a baby,” he joked, before acknowledging he’d only been asked to sign the usual — mostly jerseys and T-shirts. No dentures.

Wilson will join the Capitals in training camp on Thursday.

Karl Alzner, Eric Fehr and Tom Wilson sign autographs for fans. (Photo by Ben Sumner)

Ben Sumner works in the Post’s IT department and writes for Capitals Outsider.