I’ve been waiting all summer for some of the Nats to show up at MLB’s Fan Cave. I mean, how do you top last summer’s bullpen reading of “50 Shades of Grey?” I guess you can’t, because this year’s visit by rookies Anthony Rendon, Ian Krol and Erik Davis was kind of tame.

There’s some ping-pong playing, some sort of ball toss and group pictures. We do get to see Krol come down a tube slide head first, so that’s kind of fun.

The three also shared the story of the moment they knew they’d made it.

Rendon: My first moment, where I really figured it out or was taken aback by it, was when I first got called up, actually, it was here in New York. And we went out for stretch and taking BP, and I was taking BP on a major league field and I was like, ‘Damn. I’m here.’ It was crazy.

Krol: My  moment I realized I actually made it was my first plane ride. I never really traveled like that before, playing baseball obviously, and you get the meals, and the whole row to yourself and then you get off the plane and go to a nice hotel. I was just kinda, overwhelmed by it all, but at the same time I was so fortunate. So that was probably the first time I remember.

Davis: I think for me it was when I made my debut down in Atlanta. I came in the game with guys on base. In Atlanta, they got great fans there, so there was 45,000 people doing the tomahawk chop. It was pretty intense. But an even better feeling was getting out of it and making 45,000 people kind of shut up.

(via Nats Enquirer)