(Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

When I approached Santana Moss at his locker on Wednesday, he was shaking his head and mumbling to himself.

“That lady just asked me if I was afraid of Lambeau Field,” he told me, before I could say a word. “Can you believe that?”

He then started laughing, presumably at the thought of being afraid of a field. I think we can all assume he said no.

After he got over his shock at a silly question, I proceeded to ask him more silly questions. Here’s Moss’s Last Thing.

Santana Moss, what was the last…

Movie you saw
The martial arts movie with the guy who taught Bruce Lee. I forgot the name of it. [“The Grandmaster."]

Book you read
Ok! Magazine.

Thing you cooked
I made some eggs and some turkey bacon, like, two weeks ago. Egg whites, scrambled hard with cheese.

Song you downloaded
T.I.’s mixtape album. Downloaded it last night, actually.

Dream you had
Oh, I can’t tell you that. [Apparently it was not G-rated.]

Person who made you laugh
That lady who asked me about Lambeau.

Person you texted
My manager, just a while ago. We had some business to take care of and I’m normally late with everything, so I made sure I did it before I went to practice, because I know after practice I forget everything.

Thing you took a picture of
I sent a wire, so I took a picture of the wire and sent it to my manager to let her know I sent the wire.

Time you cried
Ooh, that’s deep. I don’t know. I normally don’t cry a lot. I really don’t know. Probably been two or three years.

Date night
A couple of weeks ago. Family came up, so we went to a movie.

Website you visited