(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

In July, Mike Green gave up his condo in Arlington in favor of a new home in McLean. The Caps defenseman, who got engaged to Courtney Parrie in the offseason, told me that he had fun decorating the space with his wife-to-be.

“There’s a lot more space and you get to make it your own,” he said. “I think with the condo, I didn’t have time to decorate it and a friend of mine did it. It just wasn’t me. But I was a bachelor and it was a bachelor pad. It was a nice place, but I felt claustrophobic in that place.

“The new house is all white, bright colors,” he continued. “Not bachelor pad at all.”

Starting fresh allowed Parrie to be involved in the process, which was important to Green.

“Absolutely,” he said when I asked if the place was a good blend of both of them. “It was both of our ideas with certain things we liked and the way we are as people. It’s definitely a very comfortable, nice home, and that’s what we wanted.”

Green declined to give specific wedding details, but said that the nuptials would happen some time in the offseason.

“We only have so many months in the offseason to do it,”  he said. “I’m mildly involved. I think that being able to focus on hockey takes away from doing the deep work. But I tell her what I want and feel. More of the feel of the wedding I tell her about, rather than specifics.”

As for what is most important — food, music, colors — Green was reluctant to pinpoint one thing.

“It’s all of that. All of the above,” he said. “More so just for people to enjoy themselves too, and be comfortable.

“And no stress,” he added.