(Via TV)
(Via TV)

As Adam Kilgore noted earlier, the Nats began selling playoff tickets to season-ticket holders this week.

As he also noted, that’s standard industry practice, even for teams far out of current playoff position. But some Nats fans were a bit miffed that money paid toward playoff tickets would be credited toward 2014 season tickets and not returned to their pocket — see the comments.

All that aside, many weak-willed and spineless Nats fans have been reluctant to talk too much about the playoffs in recent days, even as they spend 23 percent of their work day staring at the upcoming rotations for the Reds and Nats and Phillies and whomever else. It’s the kind of thing you churn over in your guts while imagining October evenings at the park, even as you publicy scoff at the chances and say you aren’t getting your hopes up.

Unless you’re Ted Leonsis. Then you buy the tickets, and blog about it.

During the All Star break, I noted that some in the media had written off the Nationals playoff hopes. I thought there was still a full slate of games left to play. As this story notes – the Nationals are on a roll now.

I am positive. I believe. I bought my playoff  tickets.

I believe we will see playoff baseball this October in DC. I still have “Natitude”. Go Nats!

I mean, it worked with the 2012-13 Caps, I guess. Me, I always plan for the worst. But then again, I didn’t write a book about happiness.