The Redskins are in Green Bay. Some fans have burgundy cheeseheads. The end.

Ok, fine, this is too short. How ’bout an excerpt from Pete Dougherty’s piece on RGIII in Sunday’s Green Bay Press Gazette:

Based on his performance Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s weeks — more likely months — from being the game-changing runner and scrambler he was as a rookie last season.

“They’re definitely not looking to expose him,” said an NFL scout who watched the Washington-Philadelphia game on television Monday night. “From what I saw, even in his motions he wasn’t as light on his feet. I’d say he’s between 70 and 80 (percent).”

The Packers spent a good part of their offseason preparing for these first two games against Kaepernick and Griffin, and especially defending the read option. But based on Monday night, it’s clear they won’t have to game plan for Griffin running this week like they did last week against Kaepernick….

They’re being cautious with the play calling,” the scout said. “Realistically, they get to November and maybe you’ll see a switch in the game plan.”

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