When I posted the rantings of random Redskins fans who were convinced that the team should give Kirk Cousins a chance, a few neutral observers rightly accused me of cheap trolling for page views by highlighting the fever dreams of an insane minority.

But then Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison started saying the same sort of things during NBC’s Football Night in America.

I don’t have the video, so I can’t personally vouch for this transcript, but here are some quotes from that duo, provided via an NBC Sports press release.

Dungy, on Robert Griffin III saying he’s the cause of their slow starts: “He has been the cause of the slow starts. He’s a pocket player now. They’re putting a lot more pressure on him, because they don’t fear him getting out of the pocket.”

Harrison, on RGIII’s struggles: “[Defenses] don’t fear the read-option. They’re playing a lot more man-to-man coverage, they’re blitzing him, because they’re not afraid that he’s going to take the ball and run. Even when the wide receivers are open, he’s overthrowing the guys….He’s not playing with a lot of confidence….I had an injury similar to that, and it takes two years. Everyone is looking at [Adrian Peterson] and the success he had coming back from that ACL, but RGIII is a different player right now. He’s not playing with that same confidence, and it seems like being a pocket passer’s not working – they need that read-option.”

Dungy: “They have actually changed the offense, not doing what they did last year. If I were Mike Shanahan sitting there at 0-2, I would go into Daniel Snyder right now and say, ‘Our quarterback is not healthy. In the long run, we may be better off going with Kirk Cousins.’ ”

Harrison: “And if I’m in that locker room, I want to support my leader and I believe in him. But if we lose to Detroit next week and we start 0-3, you start looking over at the quarterbacks saying, ‘Kirk Cousins is healthy, maybe he can lead this team.’ ”

Dan Patrick: “Would you bench him? If they go 0-and-3?”

Harrison: “He says he wants to assume the responsibility – yes, I would.”

Patrick to Dungy: “What would you do?”

Dungy: “He’s got to start playing better; otherwise, they’ve got to go to Kirk Cousins.”

Harrison, on RGIII’s return from ACL injury: “Coach, I had the same injury. The first year I came back I was scared to death. Any time guys fell around my legs, I was worried about my knees. When you see his throwing motion, when you see him just kind of throwing and floating, he’s not playing with a lot of confidence. Everyone looks at Adrian Peterson and says, ‘Look how Adrian Peterson came back after a year after ACL surgery.’ Well this is his (RGIII) second ACL, and he’s a quarterback. I think they rushed him back too soon, personally. Kirk Cousins – that’s why you drafted him, for a security blanket….I would take a healthy Kirk Cousins over a 75 percent RGIII.”

Buckle up, bloggers. There’s going to be a lot of high-intensity sports-radio transcribing over the next seven days.