(Al Bello/Getty Images)
(Al Bello/Getty Images)

I’m going to suggest that a prize fighter going on a television affiliate in a local market in an attempt to get local sports fans to buy his pay-per-view fight is probably not the truthiest person in the world.

Still, when Floyd Mayweather says he wants to fight in D.C., if only the Redskins and Wizards could win more, I might as well record those remarks for posterity.

“If you’re tuning in right now and you’re from Washington D.C., the CEO of Mayweather Promotions is from Washington, D.C.,” Mayweather told Fox 5’s Dave Ross last week. “And my publicist, she’s from D.C., Kelly Swanson, Swanson Communications.”

(Hi Kelly!)

“So why haven’t you fought in Washington, D.C., Floyd?” Ross asked.

“You’d have to ask Leonard Ellerbe why haven’t I fought in Washington D.C., you’d have to ask Kelly Swanson why,” Mayweather responded. “I love D.C.”

Then they talked about the Alvarez fight, but they came back to Washington before the interview ended, with Ross asking Mayweather if he could promise that one of his remaining fights would be held in the District.

“I’m gonna come to D.C. and fight, but the Redskins got to win some football games and the Washington Wizards got to win some basketball games,” Mayweather responded. “Because I’m a winner, so they’ve got to win.”

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