(Out of respect for those who are still catching up on the series, I won’t be mentioning any spoilers. But if you know of a support group for people still recovering from last night’s episode, let me know. I’ll bring the donuts.)

Those of us who watch “Breaking Bad” know Jonathan Banks as the gruff but beloved fixer, Mike Ehrmantraut. Banks, who is from D.C., was on the web series Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins, and brought up the Redskins name on his own volition.

“Washington, D.C. That would be a great sports rival of Philadelphia,” he said to Tompkins, who hails from Philly. “A Washington Redskins fan, but you know, we gotta change the name, dude. Even if there are two American Indians out there that don’t want to be called Redskins. Just change the name.

“If somebody’s offended by it, then change it,” he continued. “It’s not that big a deal.”

Banks made the statement only a minute into the 17-minute conversation, so perhaps it’s been on his mind. Someone call Saul and ask him what he thinks.