In September of last year, the Redskins dazzled their fans with an exciting offense that was unlike anything we’d seen in years, an offense that moved like lightning, was smoother than Sabra Hummus and that left opposing defenses befuddled.

This year, the Redskins are not doing that. They’re throwing chick peas at light bulbs, and hoping it turns into lightning hummus. Or whatever.

Many fans are wondering where, exactly, that other offense has gone, since just about every player from the 2012 offense is back. Analysts, too.

“It doesn’t look like you’re running the entire offense,” Sonny Jurgensen asked Pierre Garcon after the game. “I mean, no read option?”

“You know, we’ve got different plays for different teams,” Garcon replied. “Teams are looking for the read option, so we have to do different things to balance it out. But when we do run it, we have to be effective on it, but we also have to run other plays that are effective, so we have different options, so teams can’t just rely on one thing. So we have to be prepared and we have to practice harder, just give it everything we’ve got throughout the week.”

To which I’d have asked, it doesn’t look like you’re running the entire offense. Meanwhile, the pundits weighed in.



Everything is terrible and awful, but at least we will get Web traffic this week.

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RGIII, on his leadership style:

“I’m just not an – I’m not an ‘A. hole.’ I believe in positive reinforcement,” Griffin explained after the game. “If a guy, something happens, I know he’ll make it up next time he gets that chance, and that’s just the way I lead. If they want me to do that, I’m fine with doing that, because if they ask for it, if one of them asks for it – because it was just one – I’m willing to do it. If that’s what we need to get over this hump and start moving forward, and we start winning games, then I’m all for it.”


Since I love linking to the critics, here’s longtime Post (constructive) critic Eric Fingerhut, on the one RGIII story The Post missed:

In all the words spilled on Griffin’s knee, proprioception wasn’t one of them–a search of the Post’s website reveals two appearances of the word since the beginning of the year, both in the Health and Science section and neither in an article about Griffin. In fact, I can’t find any article from the Post Sports section delving into ACL recovery in anything like the details [of two other articles] — even though it seems directly relevant to the biggest sports story in Washington over the last year.


The note pretty much says it all. “I lost a bet to a Phillies fan. GO NATS!”

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The Nats — Washington’s second-most disappointing team — host the Braves at 7 on MASN. All radio and TV listings are here.

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