(Dave Sheinin/The Washington Post)
(Dave Sheinin/The Washington Post)

Say you live in Baltimore but you’re a big Redskins fan, and you want to buy a jersey that both reflects your allegiance to all things Baltimore but also your burgundy and gold blood stream.

Well, clearly, you find a player with a syllable in his last name rhyming with “Boh,” and you replace that syllable with the phrase “Boh,” creating a jersey with Tyler Polumbus’s number but with a “Bohlumbus” name plate, for the most Baltimoreish Redskins jersey of all time.

At least, I’m assuming that’s what this is. A colleague spotted it in a Redskins bar in Baltimore on Sunday. It’s sort of amazing to me that we never saw any 26 “Bohrtis” jerseys over the past decade. Still, clown jersey, boh.

Meanwhile, I somehow forgot to post the images of the dude in the end zone on Sunday with the Redskins jersey but the “RGCheese” Head. RGCheese is superior to RGKnee and RGJeep, in my opinion.

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