(Via Comcast SportsNet)
(Via Comcast SportsNet)

Sunday night on NBC, Tony Dungy suggested it might be time for the Redskins to consider Kirk Cousins, due to Robert Griffin III still not being 100 percent.

Monday morning, the veteran coach and analyst doubled down on that opinion during an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio program.

It began when Patrick asked Dungy what he would do if he were Mike Shanahan.

“You always want your big guns out there, and they want to be out there — they want to be out there to help their team,” Dungy said. “But I’m seeing a guy who is not doing the same things that he did last year. So you’re saying we’re going to change the offense, we’re going to tailor it, we’re going to keep him safe and let him throw from the pocket, he’s still a good quarterback. And he is all that. But he’s not 100 percent, and he’s not presenting the problems that he did in the past.”

Patrick then asked if the Redskins could remain a dangerous team with RGIII strictly as a pocket passer.

“They’re not really what they need to be,” Dungy said. “And he can do that, and maybe they’ll win some games, but I’m worried about him getting hurt. You’re just sitting in the pocket, you’re not taking off, you’re not playing instinctually, you’re not just letting it flow. You better be winning to take that risk. I think he’s at risk sitting in the pocket like he is right now, and that’s why I would consider taking him out.”

Then Patrick asked if the Redskins have a better chance to win under Kirk Cousins.

“I probably need one more game to determine that,” Dungy said. “Obviously he’s gonna get better – as you said, no training camp, no preseason games. So this is like Game 3 of the preseason for him, and so he could get better. But what I’ve seen off the last two games, yes, Kirk Cousins I think running that offense the way it is now would give them a better chance.”

Leading Patrick to ask whether the Redskins brought Griffin back too quickly.

“I think you had to do that,” Dungy said. “RGIII wanted to play, he’s got medical clearance, you’re seeing it in practice, it looks like it’s there. But to me, it’s just not quite there yet, and that’s why I’d have the discussion now: Hey we’re 0-2, do we ride this thing out, or do we say you know what, maybe Kirk gives us a better chance right now. Maybe [Griffin’s performance thus far is] what it is this year, and that could be what we don’t know: this is how he’s gonna be, and they’re gonna ride it out and say you know what, we designed the offense for him, this is how he’s gonna have to play this year.”

As you might have heard, Mike Shanahan was asked about the Cousins rumblings during his Monday press conference. He didn’t seem to appreciate the question.

“There have been some analysts who have said that you should consider playing Kirk Cousins now because Robert is not able to be himself and do the things he’s normally able to do, some clamoring for that among the fans as well,” a beat writer asked. “Do you believe it’s time to consider playing Kirk Cousins?

“Well, I’m not gonna speak for other analysts, but if you would like to ask the question instead of blaming it on someone else, then I will [answer],” the coach responded.

“Do you believe it’s time to give consideration to playing Kirk Cousins?” the beat writer said, trying again.

“Um, no,” Shanahan said with a smile. “No. But if you want to ask questions like that, please don’t blame it on somebody else. I don’t mind answering those questions. But we’ve got a lot of confidence in Robert.”