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A few weeks ago, Karl Alzner packed up his things in his car and left British Columbia for D.C. Along for the ride were his wife, Mandy, and their three dogs, Duncan, Charlie and Murphy.

“Thiry-three hours, 54 minutes,” said Alzner, who was quite proud of making good time.

Alzner broke up the drive into three legs, for the benefit of the wife and furry friends.

“The first day I have so much energy, I feel like I could drive for 16 hours,” Alzner said. “And honestly, if it was just me driving, no dogs, I’d probably go all the way through.”

Instead, they made stops in Minot, N.D., and Rockford, Ill., where he knew there were pet-friendly hotels. Alzner said that the couple learned the hard way how important it was to plan ahead when traveling with dogs.

“We’ve got them figured out now, so we know where to go,” he said. “The first time we did it, we drove to Chicago the first night and then to Minot. Minot had a conference and all the hotels that were open didn’t accept dogs. So we had to drive straight across the border. That was a 16-hour day, so we learned from that mistake. Now we know ahead of time where to stop.”

It takes a special couple to be able to spend three days in a car together, and Alzner said the road trip was smooth sailing.

“We’re great,” he said, of traveling with his wife. “That’s the third or fourth time we’ve done it. We’ve had a lot of long trips together. She talks to me a lot, keeps me into it. She was going through “Sons of Anarchy,” trying to catch up. So she would play an episode and I would just listen to it, because I’ve already seen most of them. It was actually really smooth.”

“We listened to the Comedy Central roasts,” he continued. “They were playing them over and over. We even listened to the Roseanne Barr one two or three times. It was so funny.”

Suspect taste in comedy aside, Alzner’s said it was a good trip. He even tweeted his arrival, proving his efficient travel time to the world.