(Paul Parfomak)
(Paul Parfomak)

Katie Carrera has been covering the visa tribulations of new Caps center Mikhail Grabovski, who was stuck in Toronto for a bit longer than expected.

“At long last, center Mikhail Grabovski is able to join the Capitals,” she reported earlier this week. “Grabovski’s visa issues were resolved Monday in his meeting with the U.S. consulate and he is traveling from Toronto to Washington [Monday] night. Grabovski, 29, will take part in practice with Group B (those playing in Philadelphia Monday night) at KCI Tuesday morning.”

And there was more practice on Wednesday. Here’s a first-person account from Reader Paul, who stopped by the team’s practice facility to grab a cup of coffee Wednesday morning. He writes:

“Stopping in for a quick coffee at the K-plex this morning, I got to enjoy a rare treat for a Caps fan. The whole coaching staff took the ice to provide a mini-practice just for Grabovski. It was funny seeing Olie [Kolzig] dressed in white as a “forward” on Grabo’s line and Oatesy forechecking against them. (Stretch was in net.) They all were smiling from ear to ear and seemed to be having a great time with the scrimmage.

“It also spoke volumes to me about their dedication to this one player and going the extra mile to help a new player meld into the team (and on their day off). I got to see Oates impart some of his, by now, well known “tweak” advice to Grabo — in this case, how to use a snowplow stance for a better stop in front of the net. Incidentally, from what I saw, Grabovsky has some ridiculous hands. This guy is going to score some highlight goals for sure!  Anyway, I attached a picture in case you are having a slow news day.”

In case? They’re all slow news days, Paul!

Anyhow, thanks much for the photo. If anyone randomly sees area coaches practicing with area players during area off days, please make sure to send along photographic evidence.