At some point during Sunday’s Redskins-Packers game, this woman was shown on TV, half her face Redskins burgundy and half her face Packers green.

“I don’t understand,” one person wrote.

“Both teams?” asked another.

Here’s the explanation, as sent to me by Reader John.


(Courtesy John Bent)
(Courtesy John Bent)

“I grew up in Harrisonburg and am a huge Skins fan,” he explained. “Our son was born in WI and is a cheese-head. My wife split the difference. The wife made it on TV in this shot, but my son is sad that he didn’t make it. Actually in a later frame you can see a hint of his green cheek, and also my red nose jutting in, but he was still sad.

“If you think the picture of our family is fun enough, you could Bog it and make our son a happy young man. The sign is probably confusing but the idea is that it says, “Go Pack” in green and then “Skins” in red. The ‘c’ doubles as the top-half of the ‘s,’ and the ‘k’ serves double-duty. And then the Palau flag is my wife’s shout-out to her small Pacific Island nation; Palauns on Facebook today are blowing up about this.”

Far be it for me to deprive a little bit of happiness to a young football fan, even if he does root for the Packers.

Still looking for an explanation on RGCheese.