(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Here was Michael Wilbon, talking about RGIII running the read option on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 radio show in September of 2012.

“They’ve got to stop getting RGIII hit. The option? What, are we watching Navy football, with Junior doing the color on this? I mean, stop it. Look, RGIII looks like a basketball player when you stand next to him. He doesn’t look like a behemoth; he’s not the size of John Elway and Ben Roethlisberger. He’s not that size, and they’ve got him taking these shots, running the triple option? Are you KIDDING me?”

And here is Michael Wilbon, talking about RGIII not running the read option on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 radio show in September of 2013.

“Robert Griffin, I don’t know whether he’s healthy or not, but I will say this: [Monday] night, you could see a guy running read-option. His name would be Russell Wilson. And he was running it the way it ought to be run. He was running it the way that the Redskins ran it last year, where HE was a threat to run. He didn’t take off very many times, but he took off strategically, and took a slide, by the way, after 11 yards. If you’re going to run this offense, then you have to run it that way, in full. I mean, you can’t play around with it. And the Redskins aren’t running it. And that’s one of many things wrong through two games.”

“Well, Griffin doesn’t seem physically capable of running it,” Kornheiser noted.

“Then sit down,” Wilbon said. “And go to something else. I mean, then sit down. This is the point. Everybody said, Oh, he’s tough, he’s ready. Really? I mean, Adrian Peterson is one unbelievable and admirable outlier right now. And so if everybody wants to put their career on the line, their livelihoods on the line, by doing something that seems unbelievably inadvisable, go ahead.”

In fairness, I think in private conversations, I was probably complaining about the Redskins running the read option in September of 2012, and complaining about the Redskins not running the read option in September of 2013. This is why I never express any opinions. That way, I’m never wrong.

Also, since I’m always being rude to Wilbon, let me promote his celebrity roast of Joe Gibbs Thursday night at Landsdowne, to raise money for the DC-CAP charity program. Celebrity Roasters included Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Stuart Scott, Jon Barry, John Thompson, Sr., and Lesley Visser. See more details here.

I will be there, which should be awkward. I plan to dress like a slovenly bum*.

(* Not really.)