For most of the offseason, every person who talks about the NFL was asked weekly to talk about Robert Griffin III and his knee.

That trend temporarily stopped after the week one loss to Philadelphia, when analysts instead talked about Chip Kelly’s offense.

But after Griffin had another poor first half in Green Bay, and the Chip Kelly offense lost at home, everyone is back talking about RGIII. Thus, here is John Madden, talking about RGIII during his weekly appearance with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. I actually quite enjoyed Madden’s take.

“I think we assume ok, he can play, he can start in the opener, but can he play as RGIII?” Madden asked. “And what I see is he’s not playing as RGIIII. Part of it, I think, is in his mind. And the other thing is their defense isn’t playing worth a darn. So that’s a tough combination. When your star quarterback isn’t all the way back yet and your defense can’t stop anyone, you’re gonna start off 0-2.”

Then Madden was asked how many of Griffin’s issues might be mental as opposed to physical.

“If he’s ok, and cleared to play medically, and the coaches clear him, yeah, he’s ok to play, but that doesn’t mean he’s ok,” Madden said. “And I look at him, and there’s times that his instincts are telling him to run and he’s not running….The other thing, everyone’s talking about his fundamentals now. The one thing that I know about a knee injury is the last thing to come is planting the foot — trusting and planting the foot on the knee that you had surgery. And you’ll see a guy that is coming back, coming off surgery, he can’t wait to get that foot out of the ground. And I noticed that in RGIII, that he won’t plant it, and if you really don’t plant it, then your fundamentals kind of go haywire on you….So he’s back, and he’s starting, but he’s not him.”

And how can he get back to him?

“I mean, all the offseason work, he didn’t do that,” Madden said. “Training camp — as you know, you don’t let anyone get close to the quarterback. Preseason games — he didn’t play in any. And I have too much respect for the game to think that a guy can not play and just kind of go out there and hand off and do some stuff when no one is around, and then come and be Superman right away. So my answer to that is he’s going to be ok with time. I think all these things are going to come back, but I don’t know that they’re going to come back in the first half of the season….

“If they play him in preseason and he gets hurt in preseason, I mean, they’d get splattered for it. And everyone says why play a preseason, preseason games don’t mean anything, they don’t count, you don’t need ‘em, we ought to do away with them, and that’s a bunch of baloney. We do need them. We need preseason to get ready for the season. And we can’t not play, and then all of a sudden say ok, you didn’t play one down, now you’re going to play an entire game and you’re ok. It doesn’t work that way.”


He has a way with words, doesn’t he. Also, he took Wednesday night’s loss kind of hard.



Davey Johnson, on dropping one game after winning like 16 in a row.

“It’s just not enough,” Johnson said. “We just can’t afford to lose. It’s that simple.”


So sad. So Wizards.

(Via the Wizards Twitter)
(Via the Wizards Twitter)


Alex Wood was ejected from the Nats game after disputing several ball-strike calls. He had already been removed from the game, but he wasn’t going to go quietly. Or without using repeated naughty words. Can’t wait for another tutorial from the Braves on the unwritten rules. (Via @recordsANDradio)



I read a lot of stupid things on the Internet every day. Wednesday, this took the prize for stupidest: an argument that vegetarians and vegans should eat flesh stock, to help their meat-eating friends. “I’ve compromised my culinary integrity enough already—now it’s your turn,” the Skip Bayless of Slate food authors wrote. “Vegetarians and vegans, chicken stock does not count as meat.”

I would argue that vegetarians and vegans are not actually opposed to consuming chunks of dead flesh, but rather would prefer not to have their diets lead to grisly animal death, but that would be honoring this argument as an actual argument, which I suppose I’ve already done. How do you say “First Take” in cooking language, anyhow?


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