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I had to work long and hard at this job to get into a position where several strangers would send me emergency messages when a contestant on “Survivor” cited his Redskins fandom as justification for attempting to vote off an Eagles-supporting infidel. And here we are.

During Wednesday night’s episode, some bro named Aras revealed that he was voting off some other dude named Gervase, because the latter was wearing a Phildelphia Eagles T-shirt.

“I’m a Redskins fan,” Aras explained.

I thought this was an amazing gesture, one that could possibly unite Redskins fans currently embroiled in messy self-destructive battles over Robert Griffin III, and the team’s offense, and the franchise’s name.

Alas, Aras later revealed on Twitter that he isn’t actually a Redskins fan.

Gervase, on the other hand, proudly proclaimed his Eagles fandom after Philadelphia beat the Redskins.

What a disaster.

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(Via CBS)