All the NFL pre-game shows spent time Sunday morning discussing the Redskins and RGIII and his knee, topics that continue to be compelling despite the team’s current record.

And several analysts had fairly strong opinions on the quarterback, including CBS Sports’s Boomer Esiason, who was asked about the strength of a quarterback’s planting knee.

“It’s 100 percent important, and it really affects accuracy, it affects everything he does,” the ex-quarterback said. “It actually probably puts a strain on his shoulder and his elbow as well. That’s why I wonder why is he even playing? I would not be playing him right now. I wouldn’t have played him last year in the playoff game.

“And I think the fact of the matter is, the young man has too much say in what’s going on right now,” Esiason said. “Somebody needs to tell him, you should not be playing. I know you want to be the Messiah of the Redskins, you want to be the next guy, the most important guy. But the fact of the matter is, you’re not ready to play. And they shouldn’t be playing him….

“Playing in that playoff game on that awful field last year against Seattle, and then coming back, and we should not forget about what was going on this offseason,” Esiason later said. “The Adidas ad campaign that said we’re all in for week 1, we’re all in for week 1. Think about the pressure that is on this kid, who’s bought into all of it.”