The Nats finished their final homestand of 2013 on Sunday. Their fans remained weird. Some highlights.

Above, please find a man in a Chewbacca costume. He was there because Jayson Werth was the Wookie of the Year, see? Actually, I guess I’m not positive it was a guy. Could have been a lady. Or a real Wookie. Here’s more Wookie.

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Then there was Alf. Yes, this was the same Alf who showed up at a Redskins game last season. If you own an Alf costume, you must get maximum usage out of it.

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Speaking of full-body costumes, check out this gang? Let’s see, a Gorilla, a Pig, a Unicorn, an ambiguous mammal. Where were they all year, though? The season didn’t start in mid-September.

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Also, if you wonder why fans at Nats games wear full-body costumes, bear in mind that the Racing Presidents posed with this crew of extras on Sunday. This is why I love baseball. Emerald chessboards, filled with robotic sharks and costumed drink containers.

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Men in skirts and long socks and wigs. Who hasn’t worn this to a ballgame?

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Oh, did you miss the Jack Bauer tribute in the above photo? Because here it is again.

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If this means the team will win pennants in 2013 and 2014, well, I’m not taking that bet.

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No doubt you heard that Bryce Harper dressed in construction-worker gear during that endless rain delay on Saturday night. This guy did the same, except in the middle of the day on Sunday.

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Then there was Rotweiler/Detwiler.

And Never Forget. No, he didn’t wear this on 9/11.

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