Just about every reasonable close NFL game includes several Whoa! plays that completely change the complexion of the context. Sunday, those moments included Aldrick Robinson’s dropped pass in the end zone, the Detroit fourth-and-inches conversion, and, of course, Robert Griffin III’s open-field unforced fumble in Detroit territory. Watch it again below.

After the game, Griffin was asked to describe what happened.

“I was trying to declare myself down, avoid the big hit from the safeties coming from the middle, knee down, elbow down,” he said. “But it’s the rule. And it can be a sucky rule, but it’s still one of the NFL rules, and they said it’s a fumble. So it’s unfortunate, and I’ve just got to make sure if I dive forward, I hold onto the ball, and if I slide feet-first, then it’s not a fumble. … I hit the ground, thought I was down, and then the ball came out.”


Then he was asked if he had previously known that rule.

“A couple years ago, Eli [Manning] did the same thing: slid face-first, fumbled the ball, they called it a fumble,” he recalled. “It sucks.”

Indeed, while some Redskins fans expressed confusion, Manning’s gaffe was pretty well-publicized at the time.

“He had more than enough yards for the first down, plenty of distance to give the Giants a chance to tie,” Steve Politi wrote at the time. “He just had to slide — any rookie quarterback knows that — and protect the football. He dove instead, losing the football.”

“Sometimes it’s easier to go head-first,” Manning said after that game. “But I had to slide.”


Several Nats took to Twitter after their home finale to thank the fans.





No one has written more eloquently about the new Robert Griffin III than Boz did on deadline Sunday evening.

“He’s still very good, but his cape is at the dry cleaners. His Superman socks have a few holes. And Washington’s margin of error, even against mediocre-to-poor teams at home, has shriveled to nothing. …
He’s far faster and more mobile than most quarterbacks. He can and should play. He has no gimp. He’s a wonderful future-of-the-franchise quarterback. …
But Griffin is not quite the same player. Will he be in a week or a month or next season? Nobody knows. …
At least for now, it appears that Griffin is still a bit of a young project quarterback, in development, rather than the electric leader, playing a step above the NFL that seemed destined to redefine the position for his era.


This guy is a fan of the Redskins and the Terps and he’d like you to know it, as long as he has his shirt off, which I’m guessing he often does. (Via @MGoShoe)



Not the greatest camera work here by me, but after the Nats walked-off the Marlins (on an error) in their home finale, the crowd chanted Davey Johnson’s name, and he blew a kiss into the stands.



The Nats could be making their last stand, in St. Louis at 8 on MASN2. The Mystics are in Atlanta for Game 3 of their WNBA series at 8 on NBA TV. And the Caps are in Boston at 7 on the NHL Network. All radio and TV listings are here.

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