Look, there’s a reason it’s called “Morning Pixels” and not “Late-Night Pixels.” Sober, rational analysis of local teams should properly be composed at the office, while wearing business clothes, drinking cheap deli coffee, in the harsh morning glare of the real world — not late at night, or in Jason Reid’s basement.

But what the heck. I kinda got to thinking on Monday night, after some back-and-forth with a reader. I’m not saying the Redskins are any good. I’m not saying they deserve to be anything but 0-3. I’m not saying they’re going to the playoffs. But I think it’s pretty likely that the Skins could be playing for first place in the NFC East when they travel to Dallas after their bye.

Just look at the schedule. Washington will be favored at Oakland this weekend, especially with Terrelle Pryor coming back from a concussion. Maybe you don’t like that fact, but it’s a fact. Dallas will likely be narrowly favored at San Diego, but if I had to guess at a straight-up winner right now, I’m taking the Chargers. The next week, the Redskins are off, and Dallas hosts the Broncos. You’re taking Romo over Peyton? Me neither.

That leaves the 0-3 Giants and the 1-2 Eagles. Philly is at Denver next week, and the Giants are in Kansas City. If you had to guess right now, you’d guess they both lose. The following week, Philly visits the Meadowlands. Who knows? But as of right this second, if I had to pick a side, and if a shiny nickel were on the line, I’d take the New Yorkers. Feel free to disagree.

I’m not saying the expected outcomes will happen in all six of these games. This is the NFL, where shocking is normal. I’m just saying, if I had to pick all those games right this second — as I sip on a Bud Light, as midnight approaches, as the Nats pack up their dreams, as Redskins fans slumber in grumpy dismay, as normal people do something other than analyze early-October NFL schedules and work on ridiculous blog items — I would have the standings like this on the morning of Oct. 13:

Dallas: 2-3

Washington: 1-3

Giants: 1-4

Philadelphia: 1-4

Which would leave the Redskins playing the Cowboys for first place. I’m still not saying they’re any good. But tell me I’m wrong.


Congrats. You can pick up your prize in Pete Kozma’s driveway.


Not maroon. Not maroon. Not maroon.



Ian Desmond became the voice of the Nats this season, and that continued after the team was finally eliminated from postseason contention:

““We created this expectation. Nobody else,” shortstop Ian Desmond said. “Two years ago, you would’ve said Washington Nationals, postseason, people would’ve laughed you out of town. The guys who are in here, for the most part, are the guys that created this atmosphere, created the expectations, and I’m proud to be a part of that.”.


You don’t think this 0-3 start has changed every local perception of the Mike Shanahan regime? Check this out from Brian Murphy:

For as fondly as people choose to remember the ’12 season, it still took a seven-game winning streak just to sneak into the postseason on the final day of the regular season. And here we are, in year four of the Mike Shanahan era and what does the franchise have to show for it? A boring and predictable offense, a debacle for a defense and a special teams unit that excels at nothing. Other than that, this season has been a smashing success….How did this franchise become so unwatchable so quickly?


The Caps and Wizards and Mystics are adding a rewards program for season-ticket holders this season, and one of the potential gifts is a Mike Green bobblehead. This is next-level rewards programming.


From my pals at Brooks Laich Year:

Here’s some good news if you enjoy going to Caps games, yet don’t have a budget that allows you to spend the equivalent of a car payment for your family to attend a sporting event. Washington opens the 2013-14 NHL season next week and tickets to most of the team’s home games are available at big discounts on the resale market, including several in October.


The Nats are in St. Louis at 8 on MASN2. The game has as much larger meaning as a trip to the grocery store to pick up a bag of ice and some dog food. All radio and TV listings are here.

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