Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post

Yesterday, Fred Smoot said some Smoot things about RGIII and Mike Shanahan, some of which have become topics of conversation throughout the sports media world this morning. Cris Carter was on with ESPN’s Mike and Mike, and addressed this comment by Smoot, which was read on the air by Mike Greenberg:

“It’s about time somebody be honest,” Smoot said. “Sometimes RGIII can be a brat, alright? Because I’m watching these other quarterbacks and I’m watching how they compose themselves and the things they do. With Luck and Wilson, and it’s a different vibe. Sometimes I’m starting to think that RGIII is really really buying into the attention.”

Greenberg made the point that Smoot, being a former Redskin, might know what he’s talking about. Carter saw it differently.

“That doesn’t make you an expert though,” said Carter, of Smoot’s Redskins expertise. “I told you before, I can sleep in my car in my garage at night, I’m not going to wake up in the morning and be a Mercedes. Now Fred Smoot, he does not know Luck and he does not know any of the other quarterbacks. So to make the comparison from one player, who he’s in the market covering that player, so he says something comparing and he doesn’t know the other players.

“Now, I just don’t believe he has enough facts to be able to draw that conclusion,” Carter continued. “The team is off to a tough start. I couldn’t draw that conclusion. Now, from the people that I know in Washington, RGIII is a great kid. But being a star in the NFL, especially in a city like Washington, it’s difficult. So I think he’s making the right moves and everything, but it’s difficult to transition into being that NFL star.”

The trio moved on before anyone could ask about Red Lobster, which is a shame because we missed the opportunity to hear Carter talk about falling asleep in a Red Lobster and waking up as a Cheddar Bay Biscuit.