(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Everyone knows that there’s too much attention paid to Robert Griffin III. I mean, Drake was asked about the quarterback on ESPN this week. That’s the Tebow signal. But no one can stop, because it’s just so much easier than breaking down whatever is going on with the back end of the defense.

David Amerson’s growth and/or London Fletcher’s regression are just not as interesting. It’s a shame, maybe, but it’s the truth. You’re not doing a three-hour radio show, or a two-minute TV segment, or 40 weekly blog posts about a rookie cornerback. But it’s so dang easy to do jump on the quarterback’s shoulders and let him carry you to next Sunday morning.

Anyhow, if you want some internal confirmation that you’re right to be sick of RGIII talk, check this out: Joe Theismann, who doesn’t think you can talk too much about anything, thinks people are talking too much about RGIII.

“To be honest with you, way too much has been made of Robert Griffin III,” Theismann told ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro on Tuesday. “You know, there is a team called the Washington Redskins that plays in Washington D.C., there are 44 other members that dress on Sundays, plus a coaching staff. And I just think that everything has become all about Robert. And it’s not good for him, it’s not good for the fans, it’s not good for the franchise.”

In the meantime, as Theismann acknowledged, the pressure will increase on the second-year signal caller, which is the best phrase to indicate that I need more ways to refer to Griffin.

“For the last two years, life has been like just a fairy tale,” Theismann said. “And now the harsh realities of profession football come into it. It’s all about performance in our business. They love you yesterday, but what have you done for me today?…

“You win these [next two] games, it’ll call the dogs off,” Theismann continued. “The heat will go down a little bit. It won’t turn off the stove, but the heat’s gonna go down a little bit. You’ll be able to go out in public and you’ll be able to walk around without everybody criticizing you. I’ve been there, ok? I’ve hidden in my house for weeks, trust me. What you do is you order pizza in from Papa John’s and then you have somebody else go to the door; you don’t even go to the door.

“Let me tell you a really funny story real quick,” he went on. “It might have been ’85. We lose to the Philadelphia Eagles one game, and we’re struggling. I go to pump gas, ok? It’s a full-service gas station. The attendant’s standing there; he says oh you’re Joe Theismann. I’ve been recognized, I’m sort of flattered. I said ‘Yeah I am.’ He said you guys lost to the Eagles, didn’t you? I said ‘Yeah.’ He said pump your own gas.

“Oh, c’mon,” Sheehan said, since this was obviously ridiculous. “Is that true?”

“I swear to you, it is a true story,” Theismann insisted. “That is not a Theismannism, that is not a made-up story. That was a fact. So yeah, it can be a little cruel and tough out there.”

Maybe. But there’s zero chance RGIII is getting heckled by gas-station attendants or by Papa John’s delivery persons this week.

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