(via @KirkCousins8)

Yesterday, Kirk Cousins tweeted the above photo with an explanation.


“I started doing it in college and I just sort of continued to have it here,” Cousins explained, when I asked him about the wall. “I just found myself in college, coaches would have quotes that they’d put up and we’d have them posted around the building. I guess as I got older and started to understand what it meant to be a champion or what it meant to build a team and be a leader, those quotes started to mean more and more as they started to come true in my life. They started to mean a lot, and that’s when I started to think, maybe it would be cool to put them up on my wall.”

The collage of quotes sits above Cousins’s bed, and yesterday’s additions came courtesy of C.S. Lewis, pastors Warren Wiersbe and Mark Batterson, Christian theologian Frederick Buechner and athlete and missionary Eric Liddell.

“I don’t have any from Redskins guys, but I’m sure I can get a couple from Tom Compton I could call up,” Cousins laughed. “But they have to say something profound to make it up there.”

I guess “Know Your Why” isn’t profound enough. Step it up, RGIII.