(Via the Wizards.)

Monday at training camp, the Wizards played soccer. Or something resembling soccer, anyhow.

This will be a great benefit to the team if the D.C. athletics world ever organizes an all-sports tournament in which every local franchise must play every other local franchise in every sport. Also, can’t wait to see Logan Paulsen on ice skates.

(Via Monumental Network) (Via Monumental Network)

Anyhow, the foreign-born players took advantage of the soccer balls everywhere to show how many times they could bounce a soccer ball on top of their heads. Jan Vesely did so with particular verve, and no small amount of skill.

See a full gallery of soccer imagery here, but really, the head-bouncing video is the best part.

Meahwhile, here’s Martell Webster, breaking down the first few days of camp.

“Amazing,” he said. “I think we’ve exceeded expectations….The last couple days have been amazing. Guys have been running, guys are in shape.”

Playoffs now.