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(This is something Chris Cooley said on his ESPN 980 radio show Monday afternoon. I have not asked for an official comment from the team.)

“I went to a Redskins pep rally in San Francisco for this [Raiders] game,” Chris Cooley said on his ESPN 980 radio show Monday afternoon. “The Redskins host a pep rally before every game in the opposing city. It’s not necessarily for out-of-towners; these people watch the Redskins every Sunday in San Francisco. And it was awesome to go to this, because it’s not business people, you’re not entertaining people, you’re not doing anything for money. I showed up with Larry Michael, Bruce Allen, Doc Walker, and we went and talked with the fans, we hung out with fans, just to say what’s up. Because that’s an unbelievable support system.

“It was so much fun. We’ve done it a couple weeks in a row. We did it in Green Bay….In Green Bay, Bruce says, Hey, I’m Bruce Allen, it’s great to be here, here’s Chris Cooley. Throws me under the bus. But Oakland was much better, because Bruce [worked] in Oakland, he had a big thing to do in Oakland. So he said, I want to talk to these people.

“He gets up. I talk normal — I can’t do this pumped-up talk — but Bruce is a politician at this. Gets both his hands up in the air: WE LOVE THE REDSKINS!!!! I INVENTED THE BLACK HOLE IN OAKLAND – this is what he says – AND NOW I WANT TO GET THE BURGUNDY HOLE IN WASHINGTON D.C.

“Everyone freezes. The Burgundy Hole? And it’s one of those moments where he has no clue the sexual reference to the Burgundy Hole. And it was just funny, kind of off-the-cuff. Burgundy Hole, Bruce? And I wouldn’t have said it, but everyone videoed it.”

Is there a video? If so, someone please send it along.

As for Washington using “The Burgundy Hole,” someone once mentioned that name on a message board. It came after someone else suggested fans call FedEx Field The Big Package.

“That’s about as bad a nickname as someone could come up with, short of borrowing The Oakland Coliseum nickname and calling it The Burgundy Hole,” the person wrote.

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