(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Ted Leonsis visited Wizards training camp on Wednesday and offered some thoughts on the upcoming season. Among them: Bradley Beal looks more like a man, John Wall’s countenance has changed, and Jan Vesely could be 7-foot-1.

“Mostly everyone has a good head on their shoulders,” the owner told Monumental Network. “It’s a high-character team. A lot of integrity [and] respect for the team and the coach, and they want to start to build off what they started to do last year….We have a real good mix right now, and [we’re] just being able to watch some of the young kids mature.

“You just look at John Wall and Bradley Beal, they’re just bigger. Their countenances have changed. Bradley looks, honestly, bigger. He just looks like he’s grown. He just looks more like a man, and I think we’re going to have an exceptional backcourt this year. And I’ve also been very impressed with Jan, just to see the rotation on his shot and the way he’s boxing out more and using his speed. And you forget how big he is. I mean, I think Jan might be a legit 7-1 now. He’s just a long, long player. So it’s great to see all the guys back working hard. And the coaches seem very upbeat: they’re excited about not having to re-train everybody on what’s expected of them in camp.”

You can expect a more thorough breakdown of the Wizards’ varied countenances in Michael Lee’s season preview.