Back in August, Chris Cooley asked Robert Griffin III whether it’s hard for him to go out in the D.C. area.

“You know, it is hard to go out, but it’s because the fans are real excited about what we’re doing here,” Griffin responded on ESPN 980. “So I totally understand that. It helps me that I’m a homebody, so I stay at home.”

Sometimes, though, he goes out of town and winds up at a Chipotle in Williamsburg, and then people get very excited.

Now, I don’t blame him for wanting to eat a delicious burrito. Nor do I blame Redskins fans for being excited about his presence in their commonwealth, their city, their fast-but-tasty burrito provider. No, the only person you can really blame for this turning into a blog post is me. Just let the kid live in peace for a minute, stupid blogger, because otherwise you wind up with national columnists accusing him of being manipulated, rendered inauthentic by social media photos at burrito restaurants.

But I have absolutely no self-control. Thus, here, world, is an item about an NFL quarterback visiting a burrito distribution center. I’m sorry to everyone. Does every NFL quarterback cause such a stir when he visits burrito dispensaries? Is it just that other cities don’t have page-view obsessed sports bloggers who run queries on “[quarterback name] + [burrito brasserie]” every five or so minutes? Does he get the guac? What about the corn? The corn is basically the only item that sometimes I get and sometimes I don’t get. I can’t decide on that one.

Griffin, by the way, appears to be following Mike Shanahan’s instructions.

“The thing that you’re hoping is that they run a couple of times, and we emphasize that to our players,” the coach said this week. “The man upstairs is the only guy watching, but we’re hoping they get two good workouts in so we don’t lose any conditioning. It is time to get away.”