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Terrelle Pryor, who was held out of last week’s Redskins game due to concussion symptoms, was asked Wednesday about returning to the field this weekend.

“Definitely a positive step,” he said. “Even last week, early in the week I definitely could have played, but the main thing was that the Raiders were taking very cautious steps with me. They thought it was a pretty short turnaround from Monday to Sunday, pretty much five days. And I didn’t even get to rest [the previous Monday], because we didn’t get back until Tuesday, so it was a pretty fast turnaround. They definitely were looking out for me and my best interests, and we decided that it would be best that I didn’t play.”

“Did you appreciate that, or were you sort of frustrated by that, or a little of both?” someone asked.

“It could be both, because I believe we definitely could have beat the Redskins,” he said. “But it’s over with. We’re on to the future, we’re on to the next step. Now we’ve got to have energy and be ready for the Chargers, and we will be.”

This will be excellent motivation for when the Redskins face the Raiders again in four years, and/or in this winter’s Super Bowl.

(And yeah, I mostly just wanted an excuse to use that weird image from last week of when Pryor ran onto the field to celebrate a fumble while wearing street clothes.)

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