As the “fighting in hockey” debate revved up again this week after George Parros fell to the ice and was knocked out during a fight, I learned that it’s sort of like the Redskins name debate. People on both sides seem pretty locked in. People on both sides seem loathe to admit any shades of grey in the topic. The debate seems more successful at raising blood pressure levels than causing any sort of change. And yet you can use it for your own purposes, if your purposes involve cheap page views.

Thus, here’s Brooks Laich, offering a fairly strong defense of fighting in hockey during an appearance on 106.7 The Fan.

“See, now everybody’s gonna describe this as oh my God, fighting in hockey, look what happened to this guy.,” Laich said to the Junkies. “But he fell and hit his chin on the ice. And granted, they are fighting, but what if a guy goes down to block a shut and he takes a puck in the chin? You know, I took a puck in the face in practice a couple years ago. Then are you gonna say you can’t block shots in hockey, too?

“I mean, both those guys entered that fight knowing there’s a chance they could get hurt, and one guy falls and slips and the other guy falls and can’t get his hands out and hits his chin,” Laich continued. “But there’s all this discussion now in hockey by all these people that don’t play the game, saying we need to remove the fighting. If you show me one fan who doesn’t come to the game because of fighting, I’ll show you 10 fans that do come to the games because of fighting. I believe it has its place. And I don’t think you’re seeing all these staged fights as much as you were in the past. But I believe there’s a place for fighting in hockey.”


Speaking of the Redskins, BuzzFeed has one of the more interesting pieces on the name I’ve seen, one that was reported from an actual Indian reservation. I like it because it seems to acknowledge a lot of the grey matter that other stories ignore. But I’m sure people on both sides will find reasons to object and then maybe my blood pressure will go up.


Another Caps home opener means more photos of fans stuck outside the gates while the game had already begun.


Local Man Interviewed About D.C. News Event On National Program While Wearing Nats Hat.



Adam Oates, on his team getting blitzed in the first period of its home opener.

“I would say we really got outworked in the first period,” Oates said. “I think we were really flat coming out. I really do. Didn’t expect, it but I really thought we were.”


The Caps browser theme on Firefox has not one but two players who aren’t on the team, and haven’t been for more than a year.

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