After starting the game -2 and then sitting for a hooking call, rookie defenseman Connor Carrick came out of the penalty box and scored on a breakaway in the second period Thursday night, getting the Caps back into the game after an early 3-0 deficit. It was Carrick’s first NHL goal and point, and it helped spark the Caps to a shootout win against Calgary.

It also led to a postgame celebration.

“Was it Ovi that did it?” Carrick, 19, asked of the shaving cream on his head, which he sported while answering questions about the game. It was Ovechkin, indeed.

“I think a lot of kids would like to have shaving cream on their head by Alex Ovechkin,” Carrick said.

While the shaving cream on his head (not to mention the goal) was a first for Carrick at the NHL level, he’s not too worried about any rookie hazing during the rest of the season.

“These guys are great,” he said. “You know, they do things here and there, but it’s fun for them.”

Ben Sumner works in the Post’s IT department and writes for Capitals Outsider.