Flying Dog Brewery is doing a series of videos as part of their “Support Local Creativity” movement. Their most recent addition was filmed at Chris Cooley’s art gallery in Leesburg.

“I had a high school football coach and he said, ‘Do something special every day. Do something that makes people say wow. Do something that matters to the people around you,'” Cooley says in the short video. “So I hope that I would influence enough people in this community to respect handmade, thought-out, personal artwork. It’ll change your life to have something where you know the story behind, you know the artist that made it. The small impact you made changes the way people think, and I love that.”

Cooley and Flying Dog have a friendly history. The brewery offered last year to make good on the former Redskins tight end’s contract request for a case of beer.

(via Monumental)