(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)
(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)

A bit more than a week ago, I noted that Fairfax County native Colin Fukunaga — who owns a Japanese-inspired gourmet burger food truck in Vegas — would be flying to the Bay Area to cater the Redskins’ postgame meal, with help from an outsourced @MoGoBBQ food truck.

Stupidly, I forgot to follow up. And the follow up is worth it, because suddenly John Madden showed up at the festivities and then couldn’t wait to talk about it during one of his radio appearances on San Francisco’s KCBS.

(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga) (Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)

“You know, talking about that Redskins game, at the end of the game, I saw the most interesting thing,” Madden said, out of the blue. “In all my years of football, I’ve never seen it. Guess what the Redskins have? You know, I take the bus to the games, we park in the parking lot where the visiting team parks. So I go out there after the game and they have a food truck there! And the guy comes over and he cooks food for the Redskins, and they come out to the parking lot before they get on the bus and they go to the food truck!”

“This is sweet!” the host said.

“No, it’s really sweet,” Madden said. “Of course, I had to get firsts, so the guy came and he brought it in. They fly this guy in from Vegas, then he outsources a food truck, and then they feed ‘em in the parking lot. One of the things was a hamburger but it had like coleslaw in it – it wasn’t coleslaw, but it had all these different tastes – and then a fried egg, and a hamburger. I don’t know how it sounds, but it was delicious!”

“I haven’t heard you this fired up in months,” the host marveled.

“And then they had a chicken one,” Madden went on. “But I thought that was really cool. You see a lot of visiting teams come out, and they’ll have a boxed lunch or something….That’s interesting. Of all the things I’ve seen in the NFL, I’ve never seen that one, where a team brings in a food truck.”

As for the Redskins themselves, it was another big success. Fukunaga told me that Chris Neild “downed five burgers before I could blink,” DeAngelo Hall lingered by the truck to eat, and it was so busy that Colin was unable to take any photos of Robert Griffin III picking up a couple Fukuburgers.

As for Madden, an Oakland Police Department officer came by and asked if he could place an order for the legendary analyst.

“I can’t tell you what an honor it was to step foot on the most storied of all sports touring buses,” Fukunaga wrote. “It was like being in a dream. Mr. Madden was beyond nice. To have him mention his experience on the podcast made for a one-ton cherry on the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory!”

(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)
(Courtesy Colin Fukunaga)