On Sept. 22, the Nats gave away a commemorative scarf to the first 25,000 fans who entered the Nats Park center field gate. The previous week, Caps season ticket holders began receiving “Club 365” season ticket holder scarves. And now Wizards fans are getting their freebies, including a “Wizards Season Ticket Holder” scarf.

Scarves are so hot right now. Get it? Because they keep you warm, and also they’re really popular. Hahahaha.

Anyhow, this all brings to mind something outgoing Nats COO Andy Feffer frequently talked about. With the ease of the secondary market and the pleasure of watching games at home, he was interested in finding ways to make season ticket holders feel like they’re part of something special, sort of like a club membership, a badge of pride. He compared this to Premier League teams, where being a seat holder can be a status symbol.

Does a scarf have that badge-of-pride potential? Will there be additional totems in future seasons to help plan holders feel like they have special status? I’m guessing there will be.

(Via @BrouwerRangers)

(Courtesy of the Nationals)