(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

“The Skins play the Cowgirls on Sunday Night this week,” Duffy’s Irish Pub posted on its Facebook page this week.

“Everyone wearing Skins gear gets a free shot of Jameson each time Tony Romo throws an interception!”

Not much to add to that, except that it should be a standard deal at every bar, tavern, watering hole, pub and eatery in the entire metropolitan region. Because it’s funny.

As it turns out, Romo is slightly (but only slightly) more likely to throw interceptions against the Redskins than against other teams.

Romo has averaged .87 interceptions a game against Washington; against the league as a whole, it’s .78 interceptions a game. He has averaged an interception in every 34 attempts against Washington; against the league as a whole, it’s an interception in every 36.9 attempts.

Romo’s 13 career interceptions against Washington are behind only his totals against the Giants, but he obviously has far more games against NFC East opponents. Still, you’d have to figure you have a better than 50-50 shot at getting at least one free shot out of the deal.

Note: Some of these stats were originally botched, because I’m a dodo.