Gameday naps aren’t an unusual ritual for athletes, but timing them to the minute is a bit unconventional. Martell Webster is an unconventional guy, though.

“Naptime. No! You don’t interrupt naptime,” Webster admonished Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller, during what was a clearly heated conversation about daytime sleep.

“Naptime is important,” he continued. “It’s an hour and 43 minutes precisely. Those three minutes, that’s the time it takes for me to go to sleep.”

And if he doesn’t get exactly that. Like, say an hour and 42 minutes?

“It’s not gonna work,” Webster deadpanned. “I’m gonna wake up groggy.”

Webster went on to wax poetic about D.C. being home and then Miller called him Dorothy, and now we all need a nap after reading this post.