(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Steve Beuerlein and Phil Simms both appear as analysts on CBS Sports Network’s “NFL Monday QB,” and the pair of former quarterbacks had some concerns about Robert Griffin III’s slow start this season. In a discussion on Monday night’s show, the two aired their grievances, but were quick to add a positive spin.

(Transcription provided by CBS)

Steve Beuerlein: “He had the major knee injury and I think it has affected his mechanics. Look how lazy he gets with his footwork. He’s not really planting off of that injured right leg. You can see him trying to get any help he possibly can by opening the gate and trying to muscle the ball out there. He’s just not throwing the ball the same way that he used to. So I think with his mechanics he has taken a step back, but I still think he’s potentially going to be as good as (any of the second-year quarterbacks). Also from a leadership standpoint, he showed a little bit of immaturity with the way he handled the playing time thing with head coach Mike Shanahan. I still think this guy is a fantastic leader and has an incredible future.”

Phil Simms: “He has been humbled. I think that’s a great thing – to bring him down and make him one of the guys. The injury in the long run could really end up helping him quite a bit. He’s learning to throw the football from the pocket. His throwing is not top notch right now, but I really do believe in the future, that he has the potential to be a great thrower of the football.”

One day, “He was a great thrower of the football” will appear on RGIII’s headstone.