(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Ted Leonsis spent an hour on WTOP Tuesday morning answering questions, both from host (and Wizards play-by-play guy) Dave Johnson, as well as from fans. The intermittent traffic and weather reports combined with Leonsis’s propensity for giving long answers meant that only a handful of questions got answered in that hour. There were some good ones, though, if you ignore the chucklehead who called in to ask Leonsis for seats in the owner’s box.

One caller, who asked her questions off the air and didn’t want to be mentioned by name (it wasn’t me, I swear), asked the Wizards and Caps owner what he thought about the Redskins name change debate.

“I have so many issues that I have to deal with in my own organization,” he replied. “To be asked about something like that for another team, I think it’s inappropriate for me to comment. To be honest, if someone who owned another team was commenting on changing the name of the Wizards back to the Bullets, I wouldn’t like that. So I’ve stayed out of that and I think that’s the right position for us.”

As for his own team name debate, Leonsis had this to say.

“You know, there’s a lot of fans who think we should change the name back to the Bullets,” he continued. “There’s a lot who think we should not do that. And they’re very passionate, but right now, we changed the jerseys. We went back to the throwback red, white and blue look and feel. My position is that we should worry about building a good team and making the playoffs and trying to win a championship with the Wizards name and that would be the right thing to do for our fan base.”