Some cruel reporter, who shall remain nameless, asked Glen Rice Jr. whether he was a villain for sending a preseason game into overtime on Tuesday night.

No way, it says here. Rice managed to do the impossible: create a legitimate highlight out of a nearly forgotten game played in a half-empty arena without local TV viewers. Sure, the Wizards lost, but here is a most memorable moment: time running down, the home team trails, and a kid making his debut on an NBA court flies through the air, narrowly beating the game clock with a buzzer-beating dunk.

“I hope I’m not the villain,” Rice said with a laugh.

He also talked about what it was like to share a court with established NBA stars.

“It was definitely fun, because those were the guys you played with on the video games,” he said. “It was just a fun, good experience, a dream of playing against guys that you wanted to play against when you were young.”