(Via KWTX)

I mentioned the other day that Robert Griffin III had helped donate around 200 football uniforms to his former high school, enough to outfit the freshman, JV and varsity teams.

I also mentioned that an area TV station was doing a story on the donation, and they actually got Griffin on the phone to talk about it.

“I didn’t know growing up in Copperas Cove that I’d be able to one day use a sponsor and have them give new jerseys that I personally designed for the team,” Griffin told Waco’s KWTX. “You’ve got to realize you can never forget where you came from. And that’s part of my sentiment to them. We’ve got some more special stuff coming for the football team, and we didn’t forget about basketball and some of the other sports either.”

I would be curious to hear more about his uniform design skills one day. The reporter, though, said that Griffin worked with the school’s Associate AD and with Adidas in designing the uniforms, which she said cost about $80,000 in total.

“One a Bulldawg, you’re always a Bulldawg,” Bulldawgs quarterback Manny Harris said. “It was really a blessing from him.”

You can watch the piece here.