At both home games this season, at least some Caps fans have grumbled over long lines to enter the building. (Others, as always happens, have said they didn’t have a problem.)

Interestingly, the team is offering an incentive for fans to arrive at home games earlier, which could help boost arena concession and merchandise sales, and could also ease congestion at the entry points.

The “Monumental Rewards” program — similar to the Nats’ Red Carpet Rewards program — offers points to fans for a variety of actions, from attending home games to watching road games to interacting on social media networks. Arriving early also merits a bonus: “earn 100 bonus points per ticket scanned at least 30 minutes prior to game start time,” the promotional material says.

To put that number in perspective, you can get a Caps bucket hat for 450 reward points, and a Mike Green bobblehead for 1,100. That means 11 early arrivals = 1 bobblehead bucket hat.

The team also sent an e-mail to season-ticket holders this week, running down its security procedures. An excerpt:

“Verizon Center doors will continue to open one hour before game time for all Washington Capitals home games through the regular season….Our standard policy of bag searches and security wanding will continue at all Verizon Center entrances. We recommend getting to the game as early as possible to ease your entry into the arena. Please plan your arrival time accordingly. Enter Verizon Center during the first half hour doors are open to receive a 100-point Monumental Rewards Bonus per ticket scanned at least 30 minutes prior to start time!”

(Emphasis in the original.)

(Via the @brouwerrangers. Photo via @Chris_Gordon. See his work at Russian Machine.)