This is a photo that has nothing to do with beer. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Local sports fans who enjoy local beer rejoiced this summer, when Nats Park brought in several local breweries after years of requests.

Verizon Center has followed suit. As William World News reported this week, DC Brau and Port City are both now inside the home of the Wizards and the Caps. D.C. United, of course, had a dang special beer brewed with DC Brau, and also has local beers in the stadium. Have I forgotten any local teams?

Anyhow, here’s a list of the craft brews available inside Verizon Center this season. I’ve edited this list to remove things like Shock Top and Red Hook and cider, because that’s how I roll.

In the 100 and 400 concourses:

DC Brau – The Public
DC Brau – The Corruption Ale (will be replaced by The Citizen)
Port City – Downright Pilsner (GIMME PORTER)
Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale
New Belgium – Fat Tire
Devil’s Backbone – Vienna Lager
Dogfish – 60 Minute IPA
Flying Dog – Classic Pale Ale
Goose Island – 312 Urban Wheat
Goose Island – India Pale Ale
Goose Island – Honker’s Ale
Troegs – HopBack Amber Ale
Victory – HopDevil IPA

In the 200 level, craft beers in the rotation include:

Devil’s Backbone – Vienna Lager
Fordham – Rams Head IPA
Victory – Prima Pils
Troegs – HopBack Amber Ale
Old Dominion – Pale Ale

And in suites, the craft beers include:

Starr Hill – Starr Pils
Starr Hill – Northern Lights IPA
Flying Dog – UnderDog Lager
Flying Dog – Snake Dog IPA
Heavy Seas – Davy Jones’ Lager
Devil’s Backbone – Striped Bass Pale Ale

Not bad, Verizon Center, not bad at all. The local brewers agree:

Oh, and also this: