The Redskins don’t play the Giants until December, but Pierre Garcon and Mark Herzlich have gotten the competition started early.

Wahl Clipper has partnered with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to create a head-to-head fundraising competition to benefit cancer research. Garcon and Herzlich have until Nov. 12 to raise as much money as possible. The winner gets to shave the loser’s head.

“It’s just a little rivalry competition,” said Garcon. “Hopefully fans can help me raise some money and let me keep my hair.”

It’s not like Garcon and Herzlich both have a head of luscious locks to lose in the competition, but Garcon says pride definitely plays a factor.

“I barely have any hair,” he laughed. “But, as a black guy, when he shaves his head there’s a distinct difference. I like to keep my hair nice. If I have to shave it, it’s all going to be embarrassing. It doesn’t matter who does it. His is easy. Mine is going to be a little hard. I’m actually going to have a barber on call if I lose so I can have the barber fix it afterwards.”

As of this post, Garcon has a super tight $20 lead over Herzlich, and with a month to go it’s anyone’s race. The links below will take you to the fundraising pages. Garcon has also provided a video, explaining that Tara Sankner is his inspiration. More about Tara here.

Head to Head Challenge page here.

Pierre Garcon’s fundraising page here.

Mark Herzlich’s fundraising page here.