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Jayson Werth publicly threw his support behind Cal Ripken Jr. for the role of the Nats next manager. In a call with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan, Ryan Zimmerman had some nice things to say about Ripken but admitted that the baseball legend wouldn’t be his first choice.

“I’ve met him a few times,” Zimmerman said of Ripken. “I think, obviously growing up he was mine and probably millions of other people’s favorite player, and I respect what he did, how he played the game. I haven’t talked to him at all about being a manager for us, or just being a manager at all. But I think his temperament and the way he played the game, I don’t think he would be a bad manager. I think it’s tough to be out of the game and never managed before and then to come right into it and be a manager in the big leagues. But if anyone could do it, I think he would be one of those guys that would be on the short list of people who could.”

Randy Knorr, the Nats’ bench coach, is getting Zimmerman’s hypothetical vote for the job.

“Obviously he’s a good guy and he knows baseball, and a bunch of us think he could be a good manager,” said Zimmerman. “But I think we kinda see him as [someone who] went through everything players have to go through to become a manager. He started as low A, worked his way up Double-A, Triple-A, he’s been here for a couple of years now. Sort of the backup catcher kind of role that so many of these young managers that have had success kind of were in the big leagues. It helps he knows that game, how to handle a pitching staff, things like that.

“I think most importantly, all of us already have a relationship with him. We kinda know that we can talk to him about things, we can trust him. We know he’s going to take care of us in the media — as much as you guys love to hear that, that’s a big part of it. He just knows a bunch of us and wouldn’t bring a big amount of change within the organization. You know, when you get a new manager, you go to spring training and most of spring training is kinds learning him, learning his staff, and then you finally start to get comfortable towards the end. It would just be nice to have a manager – and I’m assuming he would bring back, I would think, the same coaching staff – and what not. So that comfortability would still be there and the way we played the last two month, I think that would be a smart move, but, you know, hey. It’s not my decision to make and whatever happens is going to happen. I think whoever it is that gets this job has got a pretty good team moving forward for the next five, ten years and it should be a fun time in D.C.”

Let’s get some Zimmerman and Werth-produced campaign commercials going.


Bradley Beal, practicing his Portuguese from Brazil.




Adam Oates, on the Caps’ 1-3 record:

“I don’t think it’s time to push the panic button yet. I think we could be 4-0 and we could be 0-4. Calgary’s probably our worst game out of the four but we figured out a way to win it. You want to just keep playing correct and sooner or later it will start turning and it will go your way.”


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