(LM Otero/AP)


A reader suggested a few weeks ago that I do an audio roundup of angry Redskins callers to 106.7 The Fan and ESPN 980 on the Monday mornings after tough losses. Kind of therapeutic for everyone, he suggested.


It’s kind of low-hanging fruit, I guess, but there is some real anger being released in this clip from 106.7 The Fan. Longtime Junkies caller “Kel from Suitland” took aim at the Redskins coaches, the officials, the players, and Bob Costas during 150 seconds of fury. Among the highlights:

* “That was the most disgusting performance.”

* “Bob Costas, you short freaking twerp, who cares what you think about our name?”

* “We want to talk football, not political crap.”

* “Listen, my little league coaches know to stay their [butt] behind the lines so that we won’t get a penalty.”

* “This special teams coach is the freaking worst.”

* “Robert, listen man, I don’t want to hear another word from you and your father about a passing quarterback as opposed to a running quarterback.”

* “This was the most despicable.”

* “This team has no sense of history, no sense of what we do here, and I’m sick and tired of it.”

(For a fuller transcript, see the station’s site.)