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Can’t promise I’ll stick to this, but what say we only have one Redskins name blog post a day, and maybe we can cram everything in one item, and people who are interested can read it, and people who aren’t interested can avoid it, and then we can all agree that pickled green beans are great and that pickled vegetables are probably the best path to more friendship and less Internet fighting. Cool?


Walt “Red Hawk” Brown

Walt “Red Hawk” Brown, the chief of Virginia’s Cheroenhaka Nottoway Tribe — which was recognized by the Virginia General Assembly in 2010 but is not federally recognized — gave an interview with a Richmond television station in which he questioned President Obama’s stance on the team name.

Brown — who disagreed with the NCAA’s ruling that William & Mary had to shed its feather logo in 2006 — told WTVR that it’s “a great honor” when Native American words are used in popular culture. Presumably, he was including Redskins in that category, although the context wasn’t super clear.

“Why would my president says [Redskins is] is offensive to him?” Brown asked. “What’s offensive to me is this: we have 11 state recognized tribes, and he hasn’t done one thing to get those tribes federally recognized.”

Brown said the name could be offensive to Western or Canadian tribes, but it isn’t to him, according to the reporter. Meanwhile, the leader of the Virginia Indian Tribal Alliance for Life declined to comment to the station, saying the group is working on more pressing matters. Also, WTVR used a “Virginia Tribes Call Out Obama” headline, despite there seeming to be only one tribe involved in the calling out.

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Kenneth Lowe

Kenneth Lowe, a founding member of the Tulsa Indian Coalition Against Racism, sent me this note:

As an American Indian, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Citizen, I applaud Bob Costas for his editorial. TICAR (Tulsa Indian Coalition Against Racism) has tried to educated the educators in Tulsa and surrounding cities as to the insult. The educators have insisted that they wish only to “HONOR.” We only ask to be heard in a peaceful and respectful way. Let the Native American Indian people help the non Indian to understand the culture and tradition of the different tribes in each location of the country. Perhaps in this dialog, peace and harmony can be achieved together with all people. Diversity is America’s strength not adversity. We have lived too long with institutionalized racism. Racism is taught. We don’t realize that many of our words we speak everyday could be hurtful to different cultures because we don’t know about each other. If you offend me, by stepping on my foot, and I ask you not to step on me again because it hurt, would you as a considerate person continue to offend?


Glenn Beck

What a diverse collection of voices! Anyhow, Beck did not like Bob Costas’s commentary.

“You sanctimonious piece of crap,” Beck thundered. “Why is it that all white people think that they have to correct all of the ills and protect everybody else, because everybody else is so little child-like, needs to be taken care of. What do these arrogant people think?…Bob Costas is trying to make us hate each other even more. Can we stop with this?


Marv Levy

“But what does every retired coach in NFL history think?” you’re wondering.

In truth, there was a decent enough reason to ask Levy, I suppose. As the Syracuse Post-Standard’s Sean Kirst noted, Levy is a former history teacher who was a friend and assistant to George Allen around the time the former Redskins coach was involved with the Red Cloud Indian Fund.

Levy told Kirst he’d never heard anyone involved with the NFL team use the word in a derogatory manner. And yet.

“It’s a crude word to define a Native American, and I would think if Native Americans feel offended, it would make sense to change it.”

And if Levy owned the team, and he had to make a decision about the nickname?

“I’d give strong consideration to changing it,” he said.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Who knew this was where life as a sportswriter would take me? Anyhow, the Fox & Friends host — whose husband played in Washington — also discussed Bob Costas’s commentary during Monday’s show.

“Over 30 years in the business; has [Costas] never spoken up and said anything before [Sunday] night?” she asked. “Tim played for the Redskins, my husband played there for a short while, and I remember singing [Hail to the Redskins]. I felt nothing but honor in the stadium, being there in the moment. But I didn’t think we were getting deep during [Sunday’s] game. I just thought we were gonna hang out and check out our fantasy football rosters and see how we were doing.”

Howard Kurtz’s Fox News media program also discussed the Redskins name issue. Sorry, though, I just can’t.


Marion Barry

More tweets. Always with the tweets.




La Gazzetta dello Sport

Nice to see that the world is paying attention to D.C.’s football team. Reader Ed passes along this image from the Oct. 5 issue of the Italian paper’s glossy weekly edition. “I don’t speak Italian, so I don’t know how hot this particular sports take is,” he writes, “but it’s clearly not positive.”

(Via Ed)
(Via Ed)